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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
2 Toast E-Liquids to Try Today

2 Toast E-liquids to Try Today

Out of the many e-liquid flavors available on the market, toast blends are rare and unique. Imagine vaping and getting the taste of a toasted bread with butter, jam or maple syrup. Does that sound like something you’d like? In this post, we will tell you about of the finest toast e-liquids on the market.

1. Holy Cannoli French Toast E-liquid

Holy Cannoli is one of the most well-known e-juice brands around. This brand is reputed for its high-quality e-liquids which come in different flavors. One of the best e-liquids in the Holy Cannoli series is French Toast. This vape juice has the flavor of cinnamon, freshly made buttery french toast, and maple syrup. You can also taste notes of brown sugar in this e-liquid. These flavors are of excellent quality and are well blended. French Toast is one of the best breakfast e-liquids on the market. When you vape French Toast, it the taste of the cinnamon and brown sugar flavors that welcomes you. And when you exhale, the buttery toast flavor with maple syrup spread explodes. This Holy Cannoli e-liquid, it the type you can vape all day and not once get bored. French Toast has a lasting organic flavor and unlike other sweet e-liquids, the brown sugar and maple syrup flavors do not become too much.

French Toast by Holy Cannoli contains 70/30 percent Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). This vaping juice also contains different concentration levels of high-quality nicotine 0mg, 3mg, 6mg. This e-liquid has a smooth throat hit that makes for pleasant vaping experiences. French Toast is the kind of e-liquid ideal for practicing cloud tricks.

French Toast by Holy Cannoli comes in 100ml bottles available for sale our store for $11.99. A bottle of this e-liquid is usually sold for $27.99.

2. Jam Monster Salt Banana eJuice

Banana is a high-quality e-liquid belonging to the Jam Monster nicotine salt series. This vape juice has the flavor of freshly made buttery toast spread with banana jam. These flavors are of top-notch quality and are well blended. When you vape bananas, you will not taste any chemical flavors. This e-liquid has a rich organic flavor that adds to its rich taste. Banana is the kind of e-juice you vape all day and not get bored with its flavor. This Jam Monster e-liquid also has a sweet taste that will appeal to vapers with sweet-tooth cravings.

Banana by Jam Monster Salt has a pleasant inhale offering the flavor of sweet banana jam. And when you exhale, the taste of the buttery toast flavor explodes. Both flavors complement each other to make Banana an outstanding vape. 
Banana by Jam Monster contains 50/50 percent VG/PG ratios. It is best to vape this e-liquid using low-wattage vaping devices like starter kits. You should not vape this e-liquid with RDAs or sub-ohm tanks. Banana contains premium nicotine salt in different strength levels 24mg or 48mg. If you enjoy chasing clouds, you will have a great time vaping this Jam Monster e-liquid.

Banana comes with 30ml bottles like other e-liquids in the Jam Monster nicotine salt collection. Although you can buy a bottle of this e-juice from most vape stores, Cheap eJuice offers the best deals. A bottle of Banana by Jam Monster goes for $11.99 at our store. A bottle of this Jam Monster blend is usually sold for $19.99.

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