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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Want to Branch Out? 4 Brilliant eJuice Flavors You Need to Try | Cheap eJuice

Want to Branch Out? 4 Brilliant eJuice Flavors You Need to Try

If there's one thing that people report as the top reason they love vaping, it's the wide variety of eJuices out there. If you're a lover of rich and sweet flavors, there are some great offerings available right now. Nowadays, it seems like every eJuice flavor producer is trying to out-do everyone else. 

Here are four eJuice flavors that are so great that you have to taste to believe.

1. Johnny AppleVapes: Southern Bread Pudding

If you've been looking for the perfect dessert flavor for your eJuice repertoire, look no further.

As the holiday season approaches, we quickly learn that there's only so much room on our plates or in our guts for our favorite desserts. When it comes to bread pudding, that's one that may take up too much space to keep scooping on.

However, with Johnny AppleVapes' latest offering, Southern Bread Pudding gives us all the taste of home with no calories at all. Skip dessert and fill up on ham and potatoes if you desire.

As soon as you take a puff of this eJuice, you'll have all you ever wanted from after dinner dessert. 

2. Pachamama: The Mint Leaf

This flavoring is deceptively simple. Something a little more complicated than just mint flavoring is what we've come to expect from Pachamama. This delicate dance of honeydew, berries, and a twist of kiwi all dance on the palate under the umbrella of a mint leaf.

If you love delicate, complex, and refreshing flavors, you're going to love this Pachamama offering. For surprising, bright, and airy vaping, this is the flavor to try this year.

3. Donut Town: Three-Pack

We're not cheating when we recommend this three-pack from Donut Town as one of the top flavors to try. While there are three distinct flavors at play here, you're going to have to pick a favorite.

Blueberry Boulevard has the flavor of a rich blueberry donut with a layer of tasty icing. Pebbled Place will have you thinking of one particular Stone Age-friendly cereal with a mouthfeel of, you guessed it, a big doughy donut. Strawberry street is rich and fruity, like a donut covered with strawberries.

4. Strange Fruit: Spoiled Milk

If you're into eJuice for the variety of flavors you can get, you've surely heard of Strange Fruit by now. Strange Fruit has all kinds of wild and off the wall flavors, and Spoiled Milk is no different.

While some people expect a harsh or intense flavor, most people report being super happy with this one. Like a rich and creamy key lime pie, Spoiled Milk is a flavor you might not be able to get away from for a while. 

eJuice Flavors Bring Out the Best in Vaping

With the number of eJuice flavors being offered these days, it's hard to believe anyone is still smoking tobacco. Great tasting eJuice brings everything you love about vaping together with the smooth and rich puffing experience.

With the right flavor, you'll have your friends sniffing your clouds asking "hey, where do I get that flavor?"

For the top-rated flavors this year, check out our latest guide for more info!

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