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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
4 Delicious Discount eJuice Flavors (& Brands) We Can't Live Without | Cheap eJuice

4 Delicious Discount eJuice Flavors (& Brands) We Can't Live Without

If you're a full-time vaper then you need flavors and quality brands that you won't get sick of as well as ones that fit into your budget. Or maybe you're new to vaping and don't know which flavors to pick first. 

Either way, this article is for you.

In this post, we've gathered our top four favorite brands and discount e-juice flavors so you can vape all day.

The vape market is (no-so-shockingly) expected $43 billion by 2023; so it's no surprise that the market is full of low quality (and downright weird) flavors.  

Don't fall for the hype of leather or bacon flavored eJuice. Get yourself some flavors that you won't get sick of. 

Grab your mod; we're getting started. 

Addictive Discount E-juice Flavors That We're Obsessed With

There's nothing worse than vaping a flavor you can't stand only because it's the last one you have left.

Next time you're shopping for eJuice, reference this article and choose one of these incredible brands and flavors that'll make you happy to vape for hours. 

1. Menthol Flavored Anything

Do you like menthol cigarettes but want to avoid the detriments of smoking? Consider picking up menthol eJuice.

The cool, refreshing taste will have you smelling and tasting delicious all day long. 

If you want something chilling and fruity, try out the Ice KRB Ice flavor by Nude. It showcases cool hints of raspberries and kiwi that will keep your tastebuds guessing for hours on end. 

2. Johnny Applevapes Sweet Flavors

If you've got a sweet tooth, you'll love these incredible freshly baked flavors that Johnny Applevapes whipped up for you. Enjoy sensations like apple bread, southern bread pudding, and the classic Frenchman delight. 

3. Classic Tobacco

There's a reason why tobacco is so popular in the first place. If you're one of the many who loves cigarettes and cigars for the taste, then you'll likely want to forget about all the cooky flavors like gummy bear and blue slushy.

For someone like you, we'd suggest tobacco flavored eJuice. There's nothing wrong with a classic. 

Want something in that ballpark but a little more gourmet? Why not try Solace Salt's creamy tobacco or Yogi's Vanilla Tobacco Granola Bar

4. Naked Fruit Flavors

You can always expect quality with Naked thanks to their VG/PG ratio of 70/30 as well as exotic, succulent flavors full of fruity notes. 

This brand has a variety of flavors ranging from fruity tropical blends to berry blasts. Just a few puffs will take you to a tropical oasis far away from reality. 

Can't decide on one flavor? Try one of these Naked three packs. 

Want More Choices? We Got You Covered

If none of these flavors tickled your fancy, there's a ton more choices out there to choose from candy flavors to donuts  

At Cheap EJuice, we've got all the best discount e-juice flavors and brands you could ever dream of. Head to our website and pick your next flavor or maybe you'll go for the mystery bundle

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