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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
5 Incredible Flavors from the VRDCT Line of Verdict Vapors | Cheap eJuice

5 Incredible Flavors from the VRDCT Line of Verdict Vapors

Most vapors have tried a Verdict Vapors flavor at least once. They have something like 4-5 sub-brands on the market that cover every type of flavor as well a salt nic version. In this piece, I would like to take you through the VRDCT Line specifically to see if any of these flavors tickle your fancy.

1. VRDCT Lemon Tart eJuice

VRDCT Lemon Tart eJuice

The Lemon Tart eJuice by VRDCT is a delicious dessert flavored eJuice that combines a satisfying lemon custard with a buttery tart. I know not everyone likes lemon flavored ejuice but this one if not over-powering in any way. It's very smooth on the exhale and only has a slight lemon kick on the exhale. Definitely worth trying. Were currently selling this 60ml for $9.99. You can pickup the VRDCT Lemon Tart Twin Pack which is Two 60ml for Only $15.99. We also offer their nic salt version called VRDCT Salt Lemon Tart and comes in 15ml and 30ml starting at only $5.99. Sweet Deal.

2. VRDCT Pink eJuice

VRDCT Pink eJuice

The Pink eJuice by VRDCT is a refreshing mix of fresh watermelon and pink lemonade which is freaking awesome. Anyone who likes any type of fruit flavored ejuice should try this. You get the fresh taste of pink lemonade on the inhale and a tough of watermelon on the exhale. It's good. And one of their best sellers for sure. This 60ml is only $9.99 right now. And again we sell the VRDCT Pink Twin Pack for Only $15.99 and the VRDCT Salt Pink eJuice 15ml/30ml starting at $5.99. Can't really go wrong can you?

3. VRDCT Rainbow Cookies eJuice

VRDCT Rainbow Cookies eJuice

The Rainbow Cookies eJuice by VRDCT sounds like something magical coming out of a Unicorn's butt. Which got me intrigued. What they did was combine a delicious sugar cookie with rainbow sherbet ice cream. Which is freaking genius. So you get the buttery dessertyness from the sugar cookie on the inhale and then the smooth and refreshing rainbow sherbet on the exhale. It's different than anything else I've tried and pretty damn good in my opinion. We're slangin' this 60ml for $9.99 and the 15ml VRDCT Salt Rainbow Cookies eJuice from $5.99 and of course the VRDCT Rainbow Cookies Twin Pack for $15.99. 

4. VRDCT Strawberry Cream eJuice

VRDCT Strawberry Cream eJuice

Alright so I'm not going to lie to you, this one is just alright. But that is my personal opinion and some of you might love it. I'm just not a marshmallow fan and this has a decent amount of marshmallow in it. They combined graham crackers, marshmallow and strawberry cream which sounds delicious but I personally don't like vaping marshmallow. We got the 60ml for $9.99, the VRDCT Strawberry Cream Twin Pack for $15.99 (120ml total) and the VRDCT Salt Strawberry Cream is $5.99 for 15ml and $9.99 for 30ml. 

5. VRDCT Strawberry Limeade eJuice

VRDCT Strawberry Limeade eJuice

The Strawberry Limeade eJuice by VRDCT is freaking delicious. I love this flavor. So of course you have fresh limes and fresh strawberries but then those are combined with lemonade. It's so good. It's refreshing and good all day. Stock up on it. 60ml is $9.99, VRDCT Strawberry Limeade Twin Pack is $15.99 and VRDCT Salt Strawberry Limeade starts at $5.99 blah, blah, blah. I feel like I've said it 10 times. 


Well Guys we made it. I talked about all the flavors in the VRDCT lineup by Verdict Vapors. You have all the information you need to make an informed decision. I did my job so if you didn't listen or just glanced over my hard work writing this blog post than that's on you. 

We of course have like 1,500 flavors or something to choose from on our site if you think VRDCT sucks and you hate them for some reason. We've got ejuice, bundles, twin packs, hardware and the best salt nic juice on the damn planet. 

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