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5 Things to Remember About Vaping Indoors | Cheap eJuice

5 Things to Remember About Vaping Indoors

According to the 1964 Surgeon General report on smoking, we first figured out smoking was unhealthy in the 1930s. It wasn't until 1957 that the U.S. Public Health Service declared a causal relationship between smoking and cancer.

Today, most places don't allow smoking inside. Some states outlaw the practice in anywhere but a dive bar or a hookah bar. Vaping is a now a popular and safer alternative to smoking

The question we get a lot is, is vaping indoors safe? In this article, we're going to answer that question. Let's talk about vaping.

1. Studies on Vaping Indoors Conflict

It's early in the e-cig and vaping revolution. While e-cigs have been around since the 60s, vaping didn't take off until 2004. 

Thus, studies about vaping are few. Since laws and prohibitions forced smokers outside, many think that vaping inside is safe. 

It makes sense. No burning means no smoke. No smoke means no harm, right?

One aggregate study that compared air pollution in homes where vaping happened and homes without no vaping devices found no difference. It was a small study, but encouraging.

Yet another study measured direct emissions from e-cigs and found that they aren't emission-free. There is vapor! Who knew?! The particles were ultrafine and could be harmful to your home environment.

2. Not All States Regulate Vape Use

If you're going to walk into your local restaurant and use your vape pen, you better check the law first. Since vaping is a relatively new phenomenon many state governments haven't caught up and regulated use. So, you might be safe to vape inside.

For example, one of the most strict states in the Union is Oregon. There you cannot vape inside non-hospitality workplaces, gambling facilities, bars, and restaurants. North of Oregon, in Washington, you can vape anywhere.

3. The FDA Still Doesn't Consider it "Smoking"

Vaping is a gray area with the FDA. They act as if it's at least neutral as far as risks go.

But if you look at the way the FDA regulates vape products, they treat them very much like tobacco products. Thus it makes sense that eventually classify vaping as smoking (while it's not actually burning anything...).

For now, the FDA is mostly concerned with keeping vape products out of the hands of minors. Their regulation will continue to focus on that aspect of the vape market for now.

4. Is It Legal For My Workplace to Send Me Outside to Vape?

Even in a state where there is no vaping regulation on the books, it would be difficult to bring a case against your employer for sending you outside to vape. This is especially true if your place of employment is private property. 

In states where you can't vape in certain places, it will be virtually impossible to bring your employer to court. 

5. Basic Rules of Thumb About Vaping Inside

Be aware and polite to those around you. The more people associate vaping with rebellious behavior, the more people will want to legislate it away. 

Always talk to your boss before you vape at work. You may not think it's a big deal, but your boss might. It's better to ask or vape outside than lose your job.

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