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5 Top Tips for Finding the Best E-Juice Deals Online | Cheap eJuice

5 Top Tips for Finding the Best E-Juice Deals Online

You've seen the pens and juice in mom and pop convenience stores and in retail chains. The ads for the best deals are all over your social media feeds. Vaping is here to stay.

The number of adults that smoke tobacco is 20.9% lower than it was a decade ago. While anti-smoking campaigns and free cessation programs are reasons for the decline, vaping is another.

The popularity of vaping in the U.S. continues to climb as 10% of adults now vape. It's becoming a congested marketplace and everyone claims to have the best juice at the lowest price. But how can you find the best e-juice deals?

In this guide, we give you five tips on finding the best e-juice deals online.

1. Pick Your Flavor

The first thing you need to know is the flavor you're interested in. Even dirt-cheap e-juice will have flavors ranging from fruits to cocktail blends. If you're trying to quit smoking and using vaping to do so, try a tobacco flavor.

It makes sense that you may not want to go from the taste of cigarettes to a pi?a colada in the beginning. As your dependence on nicotine starts dropping, you can switch your flavors up a bit.

2. Select the Right Nicotine Level

In general, a cigarette contains 10-14 mg of nicotine. Keep in mind you only absorb 1-1.5 mg. So don't go out and find the strongest e-juice available because you absorb nicotine faster when you smoke.

A rule of thumb across the industry is to base your vape juice strength on how much you smoke:

  • Light/social smoker (smokes less than a half-pack a day): 3 mg
  • Moderate smoker (smokes half a pack a day): 6 mg
  • Heavy smoker (smokes a full-pack or more a day): 12 mg and up

If you're not a tobacco smoker, you'll want an e-juice with the lowest nicotine level. There's a lot of trial and error involved with vaping so keep that in mind. Nicotine gets absorbed a lot slower, so it takes longer for your body to feel the euphoria.

3. Check the Ingredients

The two main base ingredients in vape juice are Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerol (VG). Some e-juices use a combination of both.

PG gives you more flavor, but the vapor is weaker. VG gives you more vapor but the flavor is weaker. A common ratio is 60/40 or 70/30 with VG being the first listed. All e-juice will put their ratio on the packaging.

After the base ingredients, flavoring, and nicotine gets added. Be careful to look for additives or fillers as these can be harmful.

4. Test Them Out

Once you have an idea of what you're looking for, pay your local vape store a visit. Find out if they'll let you try before you buy. Make sure you know what flavors, ingredients, and nicotine level you're interested in.

They may not sell the exact brands you've researched, but you'll have an idea if your instincts and efforts were correct.

5. Compare Prices

After you've nailed down what you like and don't like in a juice, you can start comparing prices. Affordable vaping is out there that you don't have to skimp on quality.

Buying bulk e-juice is a big money saver, especially if you know exactly what juice you like. Buying 120 ml vape juice in bulk can save you in the long run and many online shops offer bundle deals.

Best e-Juice Deals

In the beginning, vaping takes a fair amount of trial and error. There's a lot to decide on from the equipment to the juice itself. Be patient because the perfect vape for you is out there.

At Ultimate Vape Deals, finding you the best e-juice deals is what we're all about. Check out our daily ejuice deals where we do the work for you.

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