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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Keeping It Cool: Here's 5 Vape Etiquette Tips You Need to Know | Cheap eJuice

Keeping It Cool: Here's 5 Vape Etiquette Tips You Need to Know

The vaping industry in the United States is now worth around $2.5 billion, and the global industry is forecast to cross $43 billion by 2023. Clearly, there is no stopping the rising vaping popularity. 

With so many people using vapes around town, you may feel like no one will be bothered by your vapor - especially since it isn't harmful second-hand like tobacco smoke. 

But many people don't know anything about vaporizers and may not know that and will be turned off by your use. It's important to know the right time and place. Read on to learn more about the best vape etiquette. 

1. Don't Refill in Public

Many vapers take public transportation to and from work and like to vape along the way. When done discreetly, this isn't generally too much of a problem for most people. 

But refilling your vape with more e-liquid gives off a much harsher scent that may upset those around you, and if it's spilled, that scent will be there eternally. Use your best judgment and refill at home or in a restroom over the sink.

2. Inform Those That Question You

When someone says something to you about your vaping, they most likely don't understand what it is you are actually doing. If they knew the vapor had no carcinogens, then they probably wouldn't be as upset. Don't get offended, educate them.

3. Never Blow Vapor in Someone's Face

Blowing smoke in someone's face is a big sign of disrespect since the smoke is full of harmful chemicals. But just because your vapor doesn't have many of those carcinogens, doesn't make it acceptable. 

Many people are uninformed about vaporizers and you could potentially start a fight if you blow vapor in the wrong person's face.

4. Don't Attack Smokers, Show Them Your Best Vape Mods

When you switch from smoking to vaping, you feel a great sense of accomplishment that can make some people a bit cocky towards those who haven't been able to quit.

Instead of rubbing your success in the faces of those around you, lend them a helping hand. Share with them your story and how vaping has made a difference for you.

5. Think Twice Before Vaping at the Table

Back when smoking in a restaurant was legal, everyone had to deal with a cloud of smoke sitting above their table. Potentially, it would be thinner in the non-smoking sections but it was practically impossible to escape the smell.

Today diners are happy to enjoy their time in a restaurant smoke-free. For you, vaping at the table is a convenient way to get a nicotine fix (and technically legal). But that doesn't make it good etiquette. 

Where to Find Great E-Juice

Having the best vape etiquette makes you a wise and responsible member of the society. But that's not the only great decision you can make today.

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