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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Vaping Tips

6 Tip for Vaping in the Winter

It’s winter once again. The blistering cold can be fun, but it quickly becomes unbearable. If you are a vaper, the winter weather shouldn’t stop you from partaking in your favorite past time. While the freezing weather shouldn’t affect your vaping experience, it can pose some safety risks and cause performance issues. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to protect yourself and your vaping device in the winter. 
1. Vape More Indoors

If you usually prefer vaping outdoors, you need to switch your habits during the winter season. Yes, the cold is uncomfortable to stand in for an extended period. But that’s not why we say you should spend less time vaping outdoors during the winter. Exposing your vaping device to low temperatures is not safe. The cold can affect your e-juice and even your battery. There’s also the possibility that moisture may get into the device and damage it. If you have to go out to vape during the winter, keep it short. Also, wear gloves and keep your device in your pocket when you are not using it.
2. Don’t Use Metallic Devices Outdoor

Using metal devices outdoors during winter is a big no. It can be unbearably cold to hold. This discomfort may ruin your vaping experience. Also, a device with a metal drip tip is likely to stick to your mouth. This could potentially cause injuries. You are better off using plastic devices outdoors during the winter. If you must use your favorite metal drip tip/vape kit this winter, it is advisable to use it indoors. Devices with relatively small metal parts may be okay to use outdoors during the winter. However, under no circumstance should you use a metal drip tip outdoors during winter. There are many plastic and glass drip tips that will give you a similar experience.
3. Protect Your Batteries

Did you know that the freezing winter weather can affect the performance of your batteries? Yes, the cold weather tends to affect the chemical process that allows your batteries to produce power. As a result, the performance of your batteries may be weaker. For example, you may notice that your batteries do not last as long as they usually do. This issue is bound to be more noticeable if you are vaping outdoor. Unfortunately, there is no way to resolve this other than to keep your batteries warm and protected. You could keep your batteries under different layers of clothing. Also, carry extra batteries since they would come in handy.
4. MAX VG E-Liquids May be Problematic

Another issue you may experience if you are vaping outdoor during the winter is that your e-liquid could become thicker or frozen. This happens with MAX VG e-liquids. Vegetable glycerin tends to become thicker in cold temperatures. So, if you have a MAX VG e-juice, you may notice that it will increasingly become thicker as the temperature drops. This would make it more difficult for the e-juice to soak your wicking material. This means vaping would be nearly impossible. You’re likely to get dry, burnt hits. To prevent this from happening, you need to use MAX PG e-liquids or vapes with a VG/PG ratio of 50/50.
5. Pick Your Flavors Wisely

Another important tip to keep in mind if you plan to vape during the winter is to choose your e-juice flavor wisely. Picking flavors that remind you of the summer or warm weather can generally help make the freezing weather more bearable. I prefer tropical flavors when the winter hits hard. This way, vaping will remind me of my last vacation to the Caribbean islands. Some people may want to go for flavors like S’more, which remind you of sitting by the campfire. Everyone has a different preference. Whatever e-juice you choose, make sure it will be something that makes your winter vaping more enjoyable. It seems counter-intuitive to be vaping menthol e-liquids in the winter cold. But, if that is what appeals to you, don’t hesitate to go for it.
6. Keep Hydrated

We all know that you’re likely to experience dry mouth if you vape for a long time without drinking water. Well, this is more heightened in the winter weather. You’re not only more likely to experience dry mouth but also chapped lips. It is important to keep hydrated when you are vaping outdoors during the winter. Apart from keeping hydrated, use chapstick for your lips.
Generally, it is not advisable to vape for prolonged periods outdoor during the winter. If you must, you need to take the precautions highlighted above. Head over to our store,, to get top-quality vaping supplies at affordable prices.

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