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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Are You Overpaying for Vape Juice? How to get the Best Deals! | Cheap eJuice

Are You Overpaying for Vape Juice? How to get the Best Deals!

Vaping can provide big savings over smoking for many consumers. However, costs can quickly add up for new adopters and long-term vapers. To get the most bang for your buck, you need to shop around and plan ahead. 

Vape juice pricing and average cost

A significant debate exists over the amount of eJuice equal to one cigarette. The actual ratio is extremely dependent on personal vaping style, including drag. However, the most frequently used stat is 2 mL of vape juice is equal to one pack of cigarettes. 

The national average price of cigarettes is $6 while many vape juices cost $7 to $10 per 10 mL. At the high end, $10 of eJuice can replace $30 of cigarettes. For prior smokers, the difference in total cost is often drastic. 

Tips for saving on vape juice

Despite savings compared to cigarettes, you still want to find the best cheap vape juice to maximize your budget. Use the following tips to seek out new suppliers and ways to save money:

Order together and share with friends

Bulk buying is the way to savings. If your vaping needs are minimal but a five-pack seems like a better investment, ask a friend to split the five pack with you. Get together on a bulk order and split the costs.

Like to experiment with different flavors? Find a friend who is also a vape juice connoisseur. By experimenting with their mocha eJuice and sharing your cotton candy, both of you can make better decisions for future orders. Instead of ending up with four new flavors you hate, you can focus on your favorites. 

No friends available? Consider a multi-pack of experimental options to minimize your investment and maximize your chances of finding a new preferred blend.

Buy larger containers

It isn't uncommon for a small container of vape juice to carry a much higher per mL price tag than a larger bottle. Five dollars for 5 mL or $10 for 10 mL is an average price. However, you can also buy a range of 30 mL bottles for between $10 and $15. Unless you want a very limited amount of a specific eJuice, consider getting a bigger bottle to let your savings add up over time.

Evaluate quality

Vape juice quality can vary greatly. Some manufacturers use organic ingredients when possible, pursue certifications and maintain a quality commitment. Their products often cost more, but the quality makes the price a worthwhile investment.

Don't be afraid to pay more for quality. Likewise, expect basic vape juices to carry lower price tags.

Look locally

EJuice is available in a variety of flavors at myriad online stores. Splashy sale screens and email pitches may state you're getting the best price but look locally to confirm.

Stop by local vape shops and research the prices and offerings. You may find new bargains or realize your online prices are actually the bargain basement.

Use promotions

Sign up for emails with your favorite supplier and follow them on social media. Use coupon codes to buy in bulk during a good sale and search for free shipping promotions to lower overall costs.

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