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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Gen Zen with these Zen Haus Flavors

Get Zen with These Zen Haus Flavors

The Zen Haus line by Verdict Vapors is not only good tasting but good for the soul! These fruit flavored ejuices cover everyone's favorites and are a must try. It's a decent sized list so let's get to it.

1. Zen Haus Meditation Vape Juice

Zen Haus Meditation eJuice

The Meditation vape juice is a deliciously refreshing combination of slightly tart grapefruit, tropical jackfruit and juicy watermelon making a unique fruity fusion. The 60ml are only $9.99 while the Meditation Vape Juice Twin Pack is Only $14.99. You can also grab the Meditation Nic Salt for $5.99. That's a freaking steal.


2. Zen Haus Nirvana Vape Juice

Zen Haus Nirvana eJuice

Next on the list is the Nirvana Vape Juice which is a delightful mixture of exotic passion fruit, sweet and juicy strawberries and plump mangoes. Totally unique and delicious. You can also grab that 60ml for $9.99 or get the Nirvana Vape Juice Twin Pack for $14.99 and even the Nirvana Nic Salt for $5.99. 


3. Zen Haus Rebirth Vape Juice

Zen Haus Rebirth Vape Juice

Rebirth Vape Juice from Zen Haus is another incredible fruit flavored ejuice. This is a combination of fresh raspberries, juicy apples and sweet yet tart tangerine. Definitely one of the Zen Haus favorites. Like the others, the 60ml is $9.99 and the Rebirth Twin Pack is $14.99 while the Rebirth Salt Nic is $5.99. Great savings. 


4. Zen Haus Serentiy Vape Juice

Zen Haus Serenity Vape Juice

Okay, we're towards the end! The Serenity Vape Juice by Zen Haus is probably the most exotic. This 60ml is probably the most exotic. It is a balanced mixture of sweet coconut, juicy mangoes and yellow pineapple which will give you a delightful zing! This is probably our best seller on the whole Zen Haus line. And again the 60ml is $9.99, the Serenity Salt Nic is $5.99 and the Serenity Twin Pack Vape Juice is $14.99. 


So we all know that there is a ton of vape juice to choose from. I strongly suggest that you give Zen Haus a try. These flavors are perfect for any fruit lover and so incredibly cheap that it is kind of a no brainer. I mean for as low as $7.50 a bottle, I would say you have to try. 

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