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Microsoft Warns Vapers Not to Blow Clouds Into New Xbox | Cheap eJuice

Microsoft Warns Vapers Not to Blow Clouds Into New Xbox

Microsoft has put out a statement warning gamers not to blow vape clouds into their Xbox. This unprecedented statement comes shortly after the release of the new Xbox Series X. The latest Xbox console hit the market this month to much anticipation. However, claims that the device is prone to overheating and smoking soon went viral. 

There were several videos of customers claiming that their Xbox console has overheating problems. The authenticity of these videos was questioned by many discerning social media users although some believed it was true.

A Twitter account was one of the first to dismiss the Xbox videos. The Twitter account named Xbox Studio put out a video of its own to debunk the claims of overheating. The Spanish language Twitter account is not the official Xbox account on the social media platform, and it is unclear if they are affiliated. According to the video attached to the post, it was revealed that people blew vape clouds into the console of the new Xbox and claimed the “smoke” was a result of overheating. A few minutes after the post went up, it received thousands of likes, retweets, and replies.

Despite the video which sought to debunk claims of the new Xbox overheating, there were many who still believed that there was an overheating defect with the Xbox Series X. This confusion led Xbox to officially release statement concerning the false claims.

“We can’t believe we have to say this, but please do not blow vape smoke into your Xbox Series X,” a statement released on the official Twitter account of Xbox said. This statement was released on Nov 11th, 2020. One of the main reasons why it was not smart to blow vaping fume into the console of your Xbox Series X is because this could affect the functionality of the device.

Besides debunking the overheating claim, the official Xbox official Twitter account did not elaborate on the false claim. However, in a statement, a Microsoft spokesperson told the press that the company had opened an investigation into the claims. The spokesperson also said that, as always, the company takes reports like the ones made in the viral videos seriously and assured the public that it will take action based on the outcome of its investigation.

The unaffiliated Xbox Studio Twitter account had a lot more to say. The account claimed that people in the viral videos seem to have turned off the XBox, and while the fans keep spinning, blow vape clouds into the console. This creates an impression that the Xbox Series X is overheating and is one fire.

Gaming enthusiasts have called for cooler heads, and many have realized that the claims are unlikely. One of the main reasons for the impossibility of the claim is that there are mechanisms in the console that are designed to prevent this.  The technology of the Xbox Series X is capable of preventing any overheating. There is a primary T-junction limit for the chip in this device. The T-junction is the maximum temperature a chip will allow itself to reach before dropping power and other thermal demands.

The new Xbox Series X is built with some of the best components to avoid issues like overheating. The chip in the Xbox Series X is built from the same system as the upcoming RX 6000-series GPUs: RDNA 2. Although the new Xbox can get hot after prolonged use. However, the is highly unlikely to result in combustion.

After its statement warning people not to vape into the new Xbox, the US-based company also released a link containing an FAQ of the new device. Microsoft indicated that the link is meant to answer other non-vaping related questions about the new device. The FAQ page deals with a number of technical issues related to the newly released console. Some of these technical issues include 4K/120Hz compatibility. There are also issues with the Xbox Series X in regards to firmware, VRR, and some Quick Resume matters. There is also the issue of incompatible apps on the new Xbox Series X.

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