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New Cheap Ejuice Sponsorship Program | Cheap eJuice

New Cheap Ejuice Sponsorship Program

With the rapid progression of the brand, Cheap Ejuice has developed and recently released a new sponsorship program to further help promote its products in an effort to reach a larger audience with on-going deals and quality ejuice products.

The new program takes on an unconventional sponsorship method that is seeking to attract those who are loyal to the brand, rather than being based on a persons level of popularity or audience size. and its owners feel that brand promotion would be best expressed from those who plan to present the Cheap Ejuice brand in the best and most professional manner, and the sure way of accomplishing this would be to sponsor current customers and loyal followers.

Cheap Ejuice Sponsorship Details

  • Sponsorship includes five 120mL bottles of Cheap Ejuice per month, as well as promotion and marketing material.
  • The sponsorship requires active social accounts on popular social media platforms.
  • Cheap Ejuice will sponsor current customers and loyal followers of the brand.

If you are interested in the sponsorship program, feel free to contact us and sharing why you are interested in joining the Cheap Ejuice sponsorship program and how you can help further promote the brand.

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Jeff A Nunnally - November 6, 2017

Hey guys, I see a lot of people get these sponsorships to rep some juice. So I thought why not give it a shot it may be kind of fun. I don’t look like most of these people that do it but I do love this stuff. After 17 years of smoking i got into this, it’s been 4 years and I have not looked back. I make some of my own coils, and play around making my own juice. It’s not easy so I give anyone credit that can put out a good product. So give me a chance to try it out. Who knows may be able to sent y’all a few customers!!!!

Norma Johnson - October 28, 2017

i would like to do it

Aarondoesdrums - October 5, 2017

I emailed you guys about this. I’m very interested and I’m a huge fan of your juice. Lemon cake is my jam. @aarondoesdrums on instagram if you wanna look me up.

Roger G. Riijas - October 4, 2017

I would like an opportunity to promote your juice line, I’ve been vaping for about 2 years and I would have to say I haven’t touched a cig, my girlfriend also vapes…she never knew about it until I introduced her to it, she smoked cigs for a good while so when I met her I got her to start vaping. So…in conclusion I would love for more people to start vaping not only to help more people to quit but help them live longer and a bit healthier.

Shannon - September 30, 2017

Hi, I am one of many who would love to have a chance to be picked for the sponsorship.I know I hate seeing the same over sponsored people on youtube.I want to hear reviews from real people.Not watch someone with 200 free mods behind them..I’m a single mother of 2,and like me, I know there’s a large audience base that doesn’t relate to a lot of the current youtube reviewers.I would love a chance to try to reach that audience base.From one regular person to another.Im not sure if you guys have a preference in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or whatever,but Im a member of them all, and I’m fine with whatever social media you want to use,as well as promoting cheap ejuice around my town.Hopefully I will hear from you guys, if not, at least I know it’ll be a new face out there…

Reynaldo Lopez - September 12, 2017

Hey Guys and Gals
I have been vaping on your juice for a while now I have tried Tropical fruit cup, apple juice, Strawberry short cake and, that Glazed donut is awesome but my fave juice that you guys make is hands down the LEMON CAKE I have bought some of your juice through another site before. But now I am coming here to get it, I would rather go directly to you guys. I have gone thought at least 500ml of that Lemon cake, some due to my friends snagging my bottle and filling up their tanks at a get-together and me vaping it for like two months straight as my daily vape. I really like the style of the label not too simple not too flashy, I mean you let what is in the bottle speak for itself. I feel that you guys make really really Kick Ass premium juices and put it out there at a super affordable price. All my friends have ordered at least twice from you guys. I am all about trying new flavors and sharing the honest truth with all my fellow vaper friends. Just want to let you know I am glad that I tried your juices. Sometimes you have to try a lot of eliquid to find out that not all great ejuices come in that hype juice package. Like I said you let the product speak for itself or vape for itself. It would be awesome to get a chance to work with a company like you guys who also respect the vaping community. Really looking forward to seeing what other great flavors you guys can shove in a bottle. Thanks for giving everyone a chance to be apart of CHEAP E-JUICE.
Thank You

Michael - August 20, 2017

I am new to this whole sponsorship thing but I am very interested in it,I travel to the local vape shops and have a few on my facebook,when I travel I always try to go to the local vape shops and check out everything and try there products espically a house line of juice and get there input on everything new in the vape world and I think that it would be nice to go into one and tell them what I have that is new and spread the word of something worth wild,I have looked at your juice’s and seen the ratings that some and most of your buyers has bought and I think that it would be a good thing to spread the word over where I am located and then go out and about to spread the word about your company and it would be amazing to walk in and rock a cheapejuice shirt,hat,juice whatever it is to be a walking billboard to promote your company to the best of my abilities and I am just now learning how to build on a rda so the flavors is on point so I can give potential customers how good it is and where it came from and let them rock the juice that is so amazing to others.Also if I do have the privalgae of getting the sponsorship to promote your company I have to say that I am allergic to grape flavors.

Ryan Parrish - August 6, 2017

Ill only take 20 seconds of your time here. I’m absolutely thrilled about your e juice endeavors and would like to be apart of your future goals. I even have a few flavor ideas of my own that are unlike anything on the market. Lets work together on this and generate some good ole fashioned American dollars. I come from a long line of business professionals. Marketing is all I know.

Narek - July 31, 2017


I present @ArmVape page, which is specialized in promotion of vaping related products.Our page has about 65000 Followers. We offer the following services. Reposts, Reviews and photography.
Review and photography are Free of charge.
We will take professional photos of your products and post in our page with review.
Our page’s posts are seen by 3-5 million people per week and we get 500 new followers per day.

Let us know if you are interested in cooperation?

Kind Regards,



Clayton Schluchter - July 4, 2017

I’m not sure if this is where I post to talk about a sponsorship. I haven’t tried you liquid but if it’s as great as it sounds I would be very interested in trying to promote and help out the brand in any way possible. I work for the railroad and a lot of people I know are switching to electronic vapor products and I’m asked on the daily what I vape and how expensive it is for the liquid I use. I normally tell them to look online rather than a brick and mortar cause it’s a little cheaper. I would love to tell them specifically one place to go to. I also have an instagram with a lot of vaping friends looking for a great liquid. I would love to try your juice and possibly promote for your line if you’d allow me to. Thank you for the consideration

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