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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Nicotine Salts are Taking Over the Vaping Industry | Cheap eJuice

Nicotine Salts are Taking Over the Vaping Industry

Once upon a time when vapes first came out, they mostly used freebase nicotine. Freebase nicotine is a potent form of nicotine, and it becomes more potent when it is heated. It's the kind of nicotine used in cigarettes. In its freebase form, nicotine is more bio-available so the effects are realized faster and stronger. 

Because of its potency, which can be harsh on the throat if too high, the amount of freebase nicotine used in vape juice is minimal: it had been approximately 1 to 3 percent with three percent marketed to heavy smokers. But then came along Juul in 2015. And with it came Juul's patented nicotine salt, also referred to as salt nic juice.  

Everything that had been the vaping industry was changed and has only gotten smarter and tastier -- as least according to the vapers.

What is Salt Nic Juice?

Salt nic juice is vape "juice" made with nicotine salt. Unlike freebase nicotine, nicotine salt uses nicotine in its natural state, meaning the tobacco leaf. But it's not just the tobacco leaf that makes salt nic juice what it is because tobacco leaves themselves take longer for the body to receive the sensation that smoking provides and require higher temperatures to disseminate.

These patented salts use benzoic acid to aid in lower temperature vaporization and to make the nicotine more bio-available. 

But the most significant thing about salt nic juice is its nicotine content: due to its nature, nicotine salt can have a higher content of nicotine (at 5 percent) while reducing any harsh side effects, making the smoking experience akin to the enjoyment felt by smoking cigarettes.

How is Salt Nic Juice Taking Over the Vaping Industry?

The above -- in a nutshell -- explains how Juul's e-cigarettes have taking over the vaping industry. Higher nicotine content with a smooth throat hit and minimal to no side effects makes for a great smoking experience. Now, people can give up their cigarettes to vape with comfort and ease. Other companies have noticed, too, and are ready or have already gotten on board. 

People who smoke do so for the experience -- it can be relaxing. Smokers have not all taken to vaping because of the low nicotine content, but now -- thanks to salt nic juice -- it's possible to get the best of both worlds through vaping. And with that, salt nice juice is taking over the vaping industry.

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