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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Do This, Not That: The Top Vaping Mistakes to Avoid | Cheap eJuice

Do This, Not That: The Top Vaping Mistakes to Avoid

Of the 46 million Americans who currently smoke, approximately 70% would like to quit.

Smoking cessation program like nicotine patches and gum used to be the go-to for smokers trying to quit. Today, the growing vaping industry offers would-be quitters another alternative.

But for those who are new to vaping, there are a number of common vaping mistakes you'll want to avoid. Keeping these in mind will contribute to a more pleasurable experience, and that will keep you on track to making the switch.

Keep reading to learn more about how to smoke vape the right way. 

Opting for a Cheap Device

To get started on your vaping journey, you're going to need a vaping device and at least one bottle of e-juice. But when it comes to your vaping device, you don't want to cheap out. Cheap equipment means bad flavor and malfunctions that could turn you off of vaping for good.

You can buy vapes for less than $20 - but the chances that it's a decent device that won't leak or break within weeks is slim to none. We understand you might not want to spend $200 either. So opt for somewhere in the middle.

To find out what the middle ground is, visit your local vape shop. The employees and fellow vapers there can give you some advice based on their experience. You might also check online forums and read some reviews to get a better idea of the good brands.

Not Maintaining Your Device

Keeping your device clean is essential to keep it working properly. At least once a week, you should break it down and gently clean the components with warm water and dish soap. While you're doing that, you can check the device for leaks, cracks, pinched o-rings, and damaged threads.

You'll also need to replace your coils regularly. How often they need replacement depends on the coils you have. While some can last a few weeks, others need replacing weekly.

Another important aspect of maintenance relates to the battery. Make sure your battery holds the charge for at least longer than an hour. If a full battery lasts you less than an hour, it's probably time to replace it.

Sticking With One Flavor

E-juices don't cost an arm and a leg. At the regular cost, they're relatively cheap. And discounted e-juices cost even less than that.

All that to say that you shouldn't let cost hinder you from experimenting with flavor. There are 100's of flavor to choose from. You should shop around to find the ones you like most.

And while we're on the subject of juices, don't ever mix them. Unless you absolutely know what you're doing, it's never a good idea to mix your juices. They'll likely end up tasting awful and you'll have wasted two bottles of perfectly good e-juice.

The same can be said for adding a new flavor to a tank without washing it. The e-juice sticks to the coils, so you could wind up inadvertently mixing flavors and getting some really gross hits.

Not Using Enough Juice

Before you start any vaping session, make sure you have enough e-juice. Your e-juice has to keep your coils moist.

If your coils aren't moist enough, you'll end up taking a dry hit. That's when you get a hit that tastes awful and burns the back of your throat. It's an awful feeling that's easily avoided with a little foresight.

Not Staying Hydrated

When you're vaping, you're mostly exhaling water vapor. And every time you vape, you're losing a little bit of your own body moisture. If you're vaping often, that can easily lead to dehydration.

To combat dehydration, drink a lot of water during the day. Alternatively, have yourself a glass of water before you head outside for a vape session. This helps you avoid the symptoms of mild dehydration, such as headaches, fatigue, and a dry throat.

Smoking a Vape Like You’d Smoke a Cigarette

For a lot of vapers, vaping is a substitute for smoking cigarettes. But that doesn't mean you should treat your vape device in the same way as you'd treat a cigarette. The way you smoke it and the way you get your hit of nicotine is very different.

Firstly, vaping doesn't deliver nicotine as quickly or in the same amounts as cigarettes do. Your vaping sessions will take a lot longer to feel the same effects.

So plan to take more time when you go out to vape then when you went to smoke. You might also consider upping the nicotine content in your e-juice if you feel like you're not getting enough.

Similarly, when choosing the nicotine content of your e-juice, don't go too low to start out. You'll want to make sure you're getting enough nicotine so that you're not tempted to reach for a smoke instead. Heavy smokers should start somewhere between 12 and 18 mg while casual smokers can start with a rage around 9 mg.

Finally, you don't smoke a vape like you would a cigarette. Inhaling faster and in bigger gasps won't deliver nicotine faster. All you'll get is a bad taste and tired lungs.

Instead, take extended and even puffs. This will allow you to get the most from your device.

Forgetting to Charge

Always remember to charge your battery or you could wind up out on the town with a dead battery and no way to vape. If you're always pressed for time, consider always having a spare battery on hand. Alternatively, opt for a vaping device that has a micro-USB charging port that you can charge almost anywhere.

Avoid Vaping Mistakes By Learning More

The most common vaping mistakes include opting for a cheap device, forgetting about maintenance, and treating your vape like a cigarette. Even the most experienced vapers sometimes make these common mistakes. 

But the more you know about vaping, the less likely you are to have a bad experience. Beginners and intermediates alike can benefit from more information about vaping. Check out our vaping blog to keep yourself in the know.

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