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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Voters Choice: The Top-Rated Vape Juice Flavors Of The Year | Cheap eJuice

Voters Choice: The Top-Rated Vape Juice Flavors Of The Year

Smoking is on the decline, yet still, about 38 million people smoke in the United States. It remains popular, even with the deadly consequences such as cancer being prevalent.

Vaping is often viewed as a better alternative to smoking regular cigarettes and more and more people have turned to e-cigarettes. The best part? You have flavor options off the charts to choose from for your eJuice.

Looking for some new flavors to jazz up your vaping routine? Check below for seven top rated vape juice flavors you have to try!

1. Smurf Cake

This vape flavor is from Vape Wild, a company out of Dallas. Smurf Cake gives you a flavor profile of blueberries and cheesecake. It gives a smooth, creamy flavor that will be delicious every time.

Some people may find the blueberry flavor too light, but the price point fits nicely with most pockets. The average price for 10ml is about $3 and you can even get 480ml for just under $60.

2. Deviant

This e-juice flavor comes from Sicboy Industries. Sticking with the fruity theme, Deviant provides a cherry strudel flavor profile. Some people say it even tastes like cherry strudel with vanilla ice cream!

This is a smooth e-juice that can be used all day. You can get 30ml for about $20.

3. Unicorn Milk: A Top Rated Vape Juice

Coming out of LA, Cuttwood's Unicorn Milk is a popular choice. It combines four creamy flavors with subtle hints of strawberry. You can get it at differing levels of nicotine.

It is on the more pricey side, with 15ml costing around $12.

4. Blue Voodoo

Blue Voodoo is a popular choice from Mister-E-Liquid, based in Michigan. It is sweet and tangy, with some notes of blueberry. This e-juice is also pretty affordable. You can get 10ml for under $6.

5. Oh-Face

Oh-Face comes from Beantown. It provides strawberry and cream notes, but has a few other "mystery" flavor notes that make different from Unicorn Milk.

It's a popular choice for an all-day juice because it isn't overwhelmingly sweet. This is good news for those who choose to vape over smoking cigarettes.

6. Mother's Milk

This vape juice is made my Suicide Bunny, a company based in Texas. The company only uses American-made flavors and strives to have the best quality on the market.

Mother's Milk is another option with strawberry notes, but this one falls more on the custard dessert spectrum. You can get 30ml for around $22.

7. Boosted

And a final vape juice that should be on your radar is Boosted. It comes from Sicboy Industries, the same company that makes Deviant mentioned above.

It is also based on strawberry notes, which from the list, you can tell is a very popular juice choice. This one stands apart however because people find it takes exactly like a strawberry milkshake.

Grab Your Favorite Flavor and Vape On

This is just a starter list of all the great flavor options in the vape world. No matter what your preferences, there is a flavor for you.

If you are eager to explore even more top rated vape juice options, check out these killer options. Which one will you try first? Let us know in the comments!

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