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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Puffin' Parents: Vaping Safety Tips if You Have Kids | Cheap eJuice

Puffin' Parents: Vaping Safety Tips if You Have Kids

Let's face it, if kids are in the picture, getting your daily ejuice dose is a hassle.

Even though the vapor from mods is safer than the smoke from cigarettes, you most probably wouldn't want to expose your kids to early vaping. That's a decision they'll have to make by themselves when they're older.

What's worse, if they get access to your vaping stash, they may drink the flavored ejuice and get ill. Some of the harmful effects of ingesting e-liquids include vomiting, headaches, abdominal pains, nausea, weakness, and dizziness. For severe cases, your child may experience respiratory failure and convulsion.

To avoid unnecessary emergency room visits, keep the following vaping safety tips in mind if you have kids.

1. Store E-Liquids Away

Little kids are curious by nature and will put anything that's attractive or smells nice into their mouths.

One of the most common (yet neglected) ejuice safety tips is keeping your vaping accessories up and away from kids' reach and sight. Accidents will only happen if your kids have easy access to the ejuice.

If you have family members or guests who vape ask them to also keep their vaporizers and e-liquids away from your children. For older kids, explain to them that the vaping products are dangerous and should never be touched.

2. Take Your Vaping Outside

Don't vape in front of your kids. They'll want to try it out when you're away.

As a rule of thumb, take your vaping outdoors where your kids can't see you. You can use the garage, shed, or enclosed gazebo - basically anywhere as long as you're out of sight.

Also, take advantage of the time that your kids are away at school to vape.

3. Handle E-Liquids Properly

When you remove your vaporizers and ejuices from the "adults-only" storage locations, handle them with care to prevent your kids' exposure to them.

Simple safety tips for vaping like storing ejuices in their original containers should always be followed. With a well-labeled container, your children will know what to avoid. Also, make sure that the caps are always locked when not in use and clean up any spills immediately with soap and water.

When spilled e-liquids come into contact with your child's or pet's skin, it can cause a burning sensation or irritation. In case of such accidents, wash the affected area with lots of water.

4. Don't Leave Your Mods in Extreme Heat

Reports of mod battery explosions have been on the rise over the last few years.

Therefore, it's important to take vaping battery safety precautions to prevent injuries to you and your kids.

For instance, it's recommended to avoid keeping your mod inside the car during hot weather, especially if you're driving with your kids on board.  The safest vape battery to use should be compatible with your mod. Don't mix different brands of batteries.

Vape Responsibly With Vaping Safety Tips

With the above vaping safety tips, you can now enjoy your vaping sessions at home without the fear of harming your kids.

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