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Vaping Tricks & Tips: The Best Vape Tanks for Clouds For 2019 | Cheap eJuice

Vaping Tricks & Tips: The Best Vape Tanks for Clouds For 2019

Vaping is taking the globe by storm with a whopping 40 billion users worldwide.

In the US, vaping is becoming its own subculture complete with its own language and terms used to describe it. "Clouds" is one of these word creations describing the exhalation cloud during vaping.

People are now doing tricks and getting the best vape tanks with the cloud capacity in mind. Vaping tricks range from your standard "O-rings" to the Waterfall to Ghost Inhales. In order to do the best tricks, you have to have the best cloud devices.

Getting the best vape tanks will allow you to the best tricks out there. Quality vape tanks also make the vaping experience smoother and more enjoyable.

So, what are the best vape tanks to create clouds?

Read on to see our top picks for 2018.

Best Vape Tanks

1. SMOK TFV12 Prince

If you want some serious clouds, try out the SMOKTFV12 Prince. This device produces thick clouds worthy of a royal outing. While SMOK's Beast King gets a lot of hype, the Prince produces equally as think clouds as the King.

The best part? It does it at a fraction of the wattage of the King. The Prince is truly an outstanding advancement in vaping technology.

While some vapers are searching solely for the best clouds, it's also great to have a device that you can casually vape with as well. When a device's wattage gets too high, the burn can be noticeable and unpleasant.

The SMOKTFV12 Prince allows tricksters to enjoy their cloud without the extra wattage and heat.

Hands down, our favorite choice!

2. SMOK Alien

The SMOK Alien is a higher wattage than the SMOK Prince, but it also comes with a temperature control feature. You can adjust the wattage and the ohms to get the vaping cloud you need to complete your trick.

With the adjustable features, the SMOK Alien also allows regular vapers to share in the experience. One day you may be feeling clouds and the other just a nice relaxing vape by the fire. Either way, the SMOK Alien is a great choice because of its versatility and cloud cover.

3. Eleaf Melo 300

The Eleaf Melo produces some of the best clouds in the vaping world. The Eleaf Melo is a 300W device but comes with an adjustable wattage usage feature. Its funky coil design can also put you in the mood to do awesome tricks as your fellow vaping buds look onward.

While this device produces huge clouds, it's best to do standing tricks only as it can easily shatter. The Eleaf Melo 300 is unfortunately made out of glass and does not come with replacement glass.

So, if you're comfortable using a glass tank, then this device is a great option!

Which of the Best Vape Tanks Will You Purchase?

The best vape tanks produce the best clouds giving you the ability to do the best tricks. When considering purchasing a vape tank, always check the wattage for the materials used. Read reviews and see what vape tank is best for you.

To assist in making the best clouds ever, head on over to our website to purchase e-juice today.

To learn more about e-juice and vaping, check out our blog.

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