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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Why Cheap E-Juice's Mystery Bottle Deal is a Great Choice for You! | Cheap eJuice

Why Cheap E-Juice's Mystery Bottle Deal is a Great Choice for You!

At Cheap E-Juice, we have many exciting offers for everyone, regardless of your budget or preferences.  One of our favorite offers, which combines the best of everything that we offer is the Cheap Mystery Bottle deal - low prices and high-quality e-liquids. This offer gives you a chance to enjoy a premium e-liquid that is selected randomly for you, starting at $6.99.

You may be wondering how our Cheap Mystery Bottle E-Juice deal works. Well, it is quite simple. When you opt for our Mystery Bottle deal, an e-juice is selected randomly through a computerized system. There's no one who decides which flavor you get. However, we do not add menthol or tobacco e-liquids to our Mystery Bottle collection. You do have control over the nicotine level and bottle size of the e-juice that you get. The nicotine strength options are 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg. The bottle size options are 60ml for $6.99, 100ml+ for $11.99, 200ml+ for $17.99, and 300ml+ for $21.99.

Our Mystery Bottle collection includes some of the best-selling e-liquids on the market, so you're guaranteed to get an e-juice that will knock your socks off. Some of you may already be considering choosing our Mystery Bottle deal. Now, here are a few reasons why you should absolutely follow that urge and grab this offer.


  1. Takes Away the Hassle of Having to Sort Through What's Good From What's Bad

If you have been vaping for a while, then you know the hassle of having to sort through good e-liquids from bad ones when you're making a purchase. There are thousands of vape liquids out there, and this vast choice can present a headache. How do you know which e-liquids are the real deal? There are many ways to go about this. Some people check for the number of reviews on the product, others go by recommendations, and some choose with their heart and cross their fingers. Regardless of the method you prefer to go with, and you'd agree that nothing beats an e-liquid chosen by experts in the industry.

All the vape liquids that are part of our Mystery Bottle deal collection are from premium brands. They have been specially chosen because they meet a high level of excellence. You don't know what's out there, but we have intimate knowledge of what's on the market. By choosing our Mystery Bottle deal, you don't have to go through the hassle of finding the best e-liquids on the market and leave that to experts. No need to spend so much time scrolling through hundreds of products, all you have to do is choose the Cheap Mystery Bottle, and that's it. We've got everything else handled. Every order gives you a unique e-liquid. We don't repeat the same flavors, so you can be guaranteed that every bottle opens the way to a one-of-a-kind vaping experience.


  1. You Get to Save Money

At Cheap E-Juice, our primary objective is bringing you e-liquids at prices that you won't get elsewhere. We have the best prices anywhere, and that's a fact. We are officially the Cheapest and Best Priced Online Retail Site for e-juice in the country. One of the main benefits of the Cheap Mystery Bottle E-Juice deals is that you get to save a lot of money. At some stores, 60ml, 100ml+, 200ml+, and 300ml+ e-liquids are going for up to $19.99, $27.99, $55.99, and $83.99 respectively. However, we offer them at a fraction of the price at $6.99, $11.99, $17.99, and $21.99, respectively. When we say "Cheap is the new Premium," we truly mean that.

The best part is that with the Cheap E-Juice Mystery Bottle deal, you get to choose which bottle size you want based on your budget. You could go for the 300ml+ bottle at $21.99, or if you have a tight budget, the 60ml bottle at $6.99 may work better for you.


  1. You Enjoy Excellent Customer Service and Fast Delivery

One of the perks of buying from us is that we are dedicated to providing the best customer service and speedy delivery of orders. We have a team of highly dedicated and knowledgeable workers who are ever-ready to help you through any difficulties you may encounter when shopping on our site. Whether you're trying to figure out how certain features of our online store works or you have questions about particular e-liquid flavors, we've got you.

We make it a point to ship all orders as soon as possible. If you place an order at our store before 3 pm PT on a weekday, it is shipped the same day. If the order comes in late on Friday or over the weekend, it is shipped on Monday. We do not ship on holidays. We ship via USPS Priority Mail. We charge a flat shipping fee of $6.99 to any location in the U.S. Our orders generally reach customers within 3 days, but it can take up to 5 days max. Currently, we do not ship outside the U.S.


  1. The Excitement!!!

The best part of opting for our Mystery Bottle deal is the excitement. You have no idea of what's in the package, but you can bet your best dollar that it is going to be something amazing. You can't beat that. And all you have to do to enjoy this thrill is to visit our store and try our Mystery Bottle e-juice deal. You won't regret it!

You still have some control over the type of e-liquid that you are getting. As indicated above, you can choose the nicotine strength level of the e-liquid that you get. You can also choose the bottle size. However, the flavor of the e-liquid that you'd get is completely random. The options include fruity, dessert, candy, breakfast, beverage, and more. You will not get any nicotine or mentholated vape liquids.

If you buy an e-juice from us and it comes damaged, defective, or with the wrong nicotine level, take photos of the package and reach out to us via for help.
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