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Aqua Menthol Flow eJuice

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Aqua Ice is now Aqua Menthol! Aqua is going through a rebrand. You might get some bottles and boxes with the alternative design as we go through our stock of Aqua products. The label design has changed but the flavor recipe remains unchanged. 


Flow Ejuice by Aqua Ice features an icy blend of sweet and frozen fruits pressed into vape juice form presents a cornucopia of refreshingly cool fruit flavor. Puff on frozen mangoes, icy pineapples, and chilled guava all rolled into a deliciously icy menthol fruit flavor that will send your clouds spiraling into the arctic sky! 

Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Menthol

Full Flavor Description

Flow Ejuice by Aqua Ice delivers a snow-covered dream of frozen fruits, featuring icy mango slices, frosty guava chunks, and frozen pineapple spears! First up in our frozen fruit trinity none other than icy mango. Each of these frozen winter-kissed mangoes is chilled by a December sun and gently crackle in a frozen breeze. Next, we have chilly pineapples. This icy, tart and tangy pineapples prickle with flavor, begging for a chance to transport you to a mentholated world of frozen sweet flavor. And last of all in this winter wonderland, we have the exotic Colombian guava. Frosty guava gives a breathy frozen flavor and a longing for the arctic tundra wrapped perfectly in every puff!

Each of these flavors come together to create a frozen masterpiece that will send your vape taste buds to the end of the earth and back! Every puff of this frosty vape juice will have you spewing snowy clouds of frozen goodness that your vape taste buds simply won't be able to get enough of! Treat yourself to a snowy vacation, and roll around in the snow-filled heaps of icy pineapple, frozen guava, and snowy pineapple-flavored vape juice of Flow Ejuice by Aqua Ice.