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Big Bottle Co Pink Lemonade eJuice

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Pink Lemonade is a delicious e-liquid that is part of the Big Bottle Co. collection. Pink Lemonade has the flavor lemonade, and fresh berries.

Pink Lemonade eJuice by Big Bottle Co

Brand: Big Bottle Co | Size: 120ml | Flavor: Fruit

Pink Lemonade is a superb ejuice with a pleasant taste. The taste of the ripe berries is excellently blended with the lemonade flavor. Pink Lemonade is one of those e-liquids that has a pure natural taste. This Big Bottle Co. ejuice does not taste organic in any way. This vape juice has a well-balanced taste. The sweet lemonade flavor does not overshadow the taste of the ripe berries. This vape juice has delicate taste that makes Pink Lemonade the kind of ejuice that you can vape all day long.

Pink Lemonade is a rich ejuice that has a pleasant inhale and exhale. This vape juice also has a delicate aftertaste that has a long-lasting taste. This vape juice by Pink Lemonade has the pleasant taste of lemonade flavor that hits you. You can taste the tangy flavor of the freshly squeezed lemons that blends with the sweetness of the ripe berries on the exhale.