Burst Blizzard Straw-Brrrst

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Straw-Brrrst by Burst Blizzard is a strawberry taffy candy e-juice with a menthol finish. The taste of this e-juice is simply perfect. You will not quickly get tired of how it tastes.

Straw-Brrrst by Burst Blizzard has different flavors that complement each other well. First, the sweet and sour taste of ripe strawberries and the taffy candy flavor merge beautifully. The cool menthol accentuates the taste of strawberry candy and makes this e-juice extra refreshing. Straw-Brrrst can easily become your go-to fruity candy e-liquid. This is a summertime e-liquid. It will transport you to a winter wonderland where icy strawberries offer a delicious blast of chill with a taffy candy backdrop. When vaping Straw-Brrrst by Burst Blizzard, you get the taste of strawberry taffy candy on the inhale. The taste is slightly sour. On the exhale, the menthol flavor comes through and blends well with the strawberry candy flavor. Straw-Brrrst tastes like those pink square strawberry candies that you used to enjoy during your childhood. This is a mouth-watering vape juice.

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