Burst Duo 4 Pack

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You can get all four e-liquids in the Burst Duo collection in the 4 Pack. This e-liquid line brings you fruity candy vapes that will delight your taste buds and have you feeling satisfied. These are vape juice blends for the summer months.

If you love fruity vapes, then you must grab the 4 Pack by Burst Duo. Each e-liquid in this pack is equally good. All Burst Duo e-liquids taste realistic. They do not come off as artificial or candied in any way. Kiwi Strawberry is a sweet and tart blend of ripe kiwis, juicy strawberries, and sweet taffy candy. Guava Dragon fruit is one of the most unique blends from Burst Duo. It is a blend of guava, dragon fruit, and candy flavor. Peach Raspberry is a combination of sweet peaches, slightly sour raspberries, and candy flavor. Finally, Apple Watermelon is a blend of two classic fruits. You'd be surprised at how much apple and watermelon flavor go well together with a candy base.

Burst Duo e-liquids have an exotic vibe. You'll not find it easy to pick a favorite from all four vape liquids because each one is equally awesome. Get the Burst Duo 4 Pack today and treat your taste buds to fruity goodness!