Carnival 3 Pack Bundle

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Carnival’s 3 pack Ejuice comes in three bottles of a different flavor that is berry lemonade, blue cotton candy and roll whip. Must try this combo pack to satisfy your taste bud in just one shot. 

This e juice is the ultimate juice to make your palate dancing. The carnival-3 pack will take a trip down to the pier the e juice. The combo pack of this ejuice washes your tongue with a dual punch of citrus and blue raspberry kicks. When you inhale this awesome juice the Berry Lemonade introduces a handful of berries with the perfect blend of classic lemonade. If you are a die-hard fan of fresh berries, this vape juice is just for you. You will appreciate each hit of blue raspberry notes that leaves you calm and content. The fluffy cotton candy flavor adds to the flavor that instigates all your senses and makes your memories of your childhood days. The roll whip is a vanilla ice cream waffle cone topped with whipped cream and pineapples. Grab this ultimate pack of 3 that make you go crazy.

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