Carnival Roll Whip

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Roll Whip by Carnival Juice tastes exactly like a sugary waffle cone topped with rich vanilla ice cream and fresh pineapple slices. This vape juice is the perfect dessert vape.

Roll whip by Carnival has the perfect flavor of a vanilla ice cream stuffed in a waffle cone that is topped with sliced pineapple and cream. It is the prime example of a perfect dessert flavor. It can be enjoyed hours and end without the flavor fading away which makes it an all-day vape. Each breath in soaks the tongue in succulent pineapple goodness. Rapidly, the rich and sweet kind of a waffle cone rises, fulfilling your sweet tooth. On the breath out, a mix of rich vanilla frozen ice cream and yummy whipped cream is unadulterated paradise for your sense of taste. Never make do with exhausting again, in light of the fact that this is a party of energizing and fulfilling tastes that can be delighted in for quite a long time on end. The throat hit is smooth and unpretentious considering a lovely encounter completely. You can appreciate the entire flavor profile without hacking to death in the wake of breathing out which is something that truly makes this e juice flavor emerge from the rest.

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