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Bubble Razz is a superb vape juice that is part of the Chubby Bubble nicotine salt line. This e-liquid has the flavor of blue raspberries and bubble gum.

Bubble Razz is a pleasant e-liquid that has an organic taste. None of the flavors in this ejuice taste weird or like they contain any chemicals. Bubble Razz is the kind of e-liquid that makes vaping fun. This ejuice has a delicate organic taste that expertly blended the ripe berries and bubble gum flavors. Neither one of these flavors become too much. Bubble Razz is the kind of e-liquid that you can vape all day long and not get bored with its taste.

Bubble Razz by Chubby Bubble Salt has a pleasant inhale and exhale. When you take a hit of this e-liquid, it is the taste of the ripe raspberries that fill the mouth. And when you exhale, you get the berries and the bubble gum flavor. This e-liquid also contains nicotine salt, so it tastes rich and smooth. Vapers who enjoy nicotine salt will enjoy vaping this e-liquid.

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