Cheap eJuice Green Apple Candy


Green Apple Candy by Cheap eJuice comes in 60ml and is a delicious green apple hard candy flavored ejuice that you will enjoy all day!

Bottle Size: 60ml

Flavor Type: Candy Flavored eJuice

Cheap Ejuice Green Apple Candy is a mouthwatering vape juice that bursts with flavor from beginning to end. Imagine unwrapping your favorite, tangy hard apple candy and releasing it to your taste buds with a flavor explosion. That's the purpose of every juicy vape cloud generated from this flavor.

Send your vape taste buds in sugar overdrive with this mouthwatering candy that bursts with fresh and delicious apple flavor! Walk through a country orchard where a cool fall breeze steals through the apple trees and in a merry song rustles the leaves. Sunlight falls on every green apple, giving every fat fruit a sweet and crisp flavor. These tart Granny Smith apples sway happily in the breeze and knock together gently in hopes to hit some unsuspecting passerby right on the noggin!

These crisp green apples' heaping bushels are carted off to the sugar factory Cheap Ejuice, where each apple is washed and sorted into different apple bins. Each apple is peeled and cored, leaving only apple slices that are clean and crisp. For an authentic green apple flavor, these juicy apple slices are crushed into a chunky applesauce and mixed in a liquid candy mixture! This sweet and fruit-flavored candy turns into a deep green and is immediately poured into short rectangular molds and set to harden. Then the candy is wrapped in a crinkly plastic wrapper and put in a green apple hard candy that you will absolutely love before your taste buds!

Cheap Green Apple Candy Options

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