Flave Lab Custard Envy

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Custard Envy Ejuice by Flave Lab moves you around in thick and sweet pudding-like pastry goodness that will make all other custard flavors desirous! Devour a scrumptious smooth custard that is ideal for throughout the day sweet eating! Vanilla sweethearts join their mists with this warm and fulfilling e-fluid.

New sweet cream is warmed to bright foaming crisply ground sugar, new eggs, and a touch of Tahitian vanilla are blended in to make a hot creation of custard. This group is sped into the Vape Fridge, where it can chill off enough to be filled the jug you grasp. This rich and tasty Ejuice displays a pudding-like flavor with a thicker, frothier taste than plain vanilla pudding out of the case.

This flavor envelops the natural taste of rich vanilla custard all through each draw. This shortsighted mix reproduces the sentiment of a slight and elevating custard encompassed in a sheet of smooth vanilla. Thick and rich sweetness radiates from your lips, relieving your savage desires for something sweet, all while charming your vape taste buds with puffy and delightful mists! Enjoy a smooth treat enchant, stirred into a sweet cushioned pastry and presented with a major spoon so you can gather up as much as you prefer!

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