Flave Lab Melon Bubble Rush

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Flave Lab's Melon Bubble Rush allows you to enjoy a chewy bubblegum flavored with watermelon, ready to delight your taste buds with the best of both worlds: candy and fruit! Sweet and chewy clouds belong to you, if you only dare to take them!

In the heat of all your summer cravings, fresh slices of juicy summer watermelon were sculpted just for you! These new melon slices are smooshed to drain every possible ounce of juice and then whisked away to the factory of bubblegum! Fresh bubblegum plates are now humbly pressed and cut into squares that are neatly wrapped. In the newly squeezed watermelon juice, each sweet square gets soaked, infusing each piece of bubblegum with ripe, juicy summer melon flavor. And the nice little trick about this delightful flavor is that this sweet and juicy bubblegum will not lose its flavor by any quantity of vaping! Puff on summer ripe melon bubblegum for days and blow bubble-scented deliciousness with succulent clouds!

Celebrate the summer heat by blowing into the wind your own clouds and chasing them into the sunset. Flave Lab provides an opportunity for your taste buds to dive into the lush aroma of bubble gum flavored with sweet summer watermelon. To fight that summer heat, infuse your clouds with refreshing watermelon bubblegum flavor and bring your taste buds on a delightful trip through the heaven of candied fruit! Enjoy a wealthy and juicy square of delicious bubblegum, sweetened with a thousand slices of fresh summer watermelon and puffed on chewy bubblegum clouds as long as your taste buds can manage them!

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