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Food Fighter's Crack Pie vape juice presents an outstanding glimpse into the decadent side of the e-liquid, providing a mouth-watering Graham Cracker Pie Crust e-juice that is lightly dusted and layered with powdered sugar, promoting a unique flavor profile that is quite unlike anything you've ever tasted before.

You're going to get addicted! My brothers and sisters! We heard your prayers and we're responding to them now. Food Fighter is in E Cigarette Empire now and we're encouraged to have it on the shelves! Let us clarify to those unfamiliar with Food Fighter. They are a fresh e liquid brand that has published four flavors that blow your taste buds back into an entirely different dimension. Crack Pie has the flavor profile of a graham cracker crust salted caramel pie! Just listening to the profile of this flavor makes my mouth water. The inhalation consists of the graham cracker taste that tingles the taste buds with happiness and joy.

You will be greeted with the salted caramel flavor, which is highly tasty, when you exhale Crack Pie. For this exhale flavor, you will discover yourself chain vaping this e juice. The hit of the neck is soft and pleasant. This is really nice because the flavor itself is so delicious that Food Fighter has made sure that you can enjoy it without coughing up a lung. The layout of the bottle is easy yet distinctive. It comes in a clear bottle of glass with a black proof baby dropper cover. The best part about it is evidence of leakage! A purple and light pink color with a pie graphic on it is the label on the bottle. An image of a smiley face drawn in sugar is also on the label!

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