Food Fighter Pound It

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Food Fighter's Pound It is a sweet Meyer lemon infused butter pound cake with gooey vanilla frosting layer slathered. For a sweet and citrus-scented cloud, enjoy a newly baked dessert filled with soft vanilla flavor and swirled with a tart lemon icing!

Fill your face with a wet and hearty pound cake, made with the best ingredients the bakery can find! Gently folded into the cake batter fine shavings of sweet Meyer lemons, take a slight tang and a welcome zing into every wealthy forkful! The cake is poured into a dense pan of loaf and baked until the cake increases and deepens into a wealthy brown golden. Warm vanilla icing is poured over the refrigerating cake, sending out sweet-scented vapor aromatic tendrils to reach the starving guests ' lungs. Overflowing with dense vanilla frosting and sweet Meyer lemon shavings, Dessert encountered his match with this decadent pound cake.

Fill your face with wealthy and sweet clouds, packed with zesty lemon shavings and covered in a creamy vanilla blanket, and say farewell to boring sweets after dinner! Food Fighter is waging war on your taste buds and challenging your clouds to step up their game in the fight for delicious flavors! Celebrate a classic dessert full of freshly baked pound cake, zesty lemon, and gooey lemon icing inside a heavy bottle! Take this great e-liquid and treat your Food Fighter's vape taste buds to a decadent dessert that even your grandma would be proud of!

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