Food Fighter The Angry Munchkins

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Food Fighter's Angry Munchkins provides a delicious e-liquid dessert that will prepare your vapor taste buds for war on your clouds! Little rolled donut dough balls are filled with brulee cream and paired with blended new berries. Never looked so nice at the appetite!

A ridiculously delicious vape. Creme brulee munchkins jam packed with jam consisting of mixed berries and drizzled with a healthy dose of condensed milk for added sweetness. In the light of a newly cooked donut, munchkins are often believed of as the sidekick to the morning coffee hero, glittering and warm as it rolls out of the oven. Well, the Munchkins had enough this time! They will no longer be achieved and passed on to the morning coffee in favor of a more traditional breakfast pairing. These angry munchkins have whipped up a unique formula that will surely tease your vape taste buds and enchant your clouds to forget what the hell first made donuts so unique!

A newly whipped cream brulee batch is violently injected into each munchkin to give your clouds a savory and sweet blast of flavor! A plate of freshly picked wild berries is set as a palate refresher as a sensitive decoration for these irresistible desserts. Gently kiss your clouds in a touching embrace with sweet raspberries, sunk strawberries, brooding blackberries and creamy blueberries, providing a rush of flavor that completely compliments the sweetness of the berries. Wage war on your taste buds and challenge your clouds to step up their game in the fight for delicious flavors, thanks to Food Fighter's delightful taste of The Angry Munchkins!

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