Carnival Berry Lemonade

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Berry Lemonade Ejuice by Carnival Juice introduces the all new and delicious blend of freshly squeezed lemonade with mixed berries that are scooped into e liquid form to present a crazy flavor Refresh your dry palette with this fruity lemonade!

While moving in hours under the sun, you can catch a bottle of delectable refreshment, highlighting a tall glass of cold delightfulness crisply crushed lemonade, trickling with buildup and prepared to be filled a tall glass for your dry taste buds! This tasty e-fluid is taken from crisply culled lemons from the plantation lemon trees, firm and loaded with tart lemon juice. Every lemon gets firmly moved before cutting to guarantee each drop of lemon juice is crushed from the citrus organic product!

Next, we have a mixture of berries anxious to participate. A wild woods was assaulted to give a great many flavorful berries of every kind imaginable. Freshly picked blackberries convey a sharp and sweet tartness, while delicate and timid raspberries offer a quiet and delectable flavor. Fresh and thick blueberries offer a reverberating tart flavor and ruby red strawberries convey the kind of the sun in each delicious berry.

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