Carnival Blue Cotton Candy

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Blue cotton candy by Carnival has the amazing flavor profile of a blue cotton candy that will crave all of your sweet teeth needs. This vape juice flavor is out and out a throughout the day vape and you will never become weary of it!

Brand: Carnival | Bottle Size: 100ml | Nicotine: 0mg/3mg/6mg

When you inhale the delectable sensation treat and slight natural product impression that will have your mouth slobbering, persistently sitting tight for what the breath out experience has available. After breathing out is the point at which the full idea of the cotton sweet enhancing becomes animated and supplements the good breath in. On the off chance that you are into sweet and treat flavors, at that point this totally is the e juice for you!

This vape juice worked admirably at keeping the throat hit for this flavor leveled out. It is smooth and very invigorating, whereas, other sweet flavor vape juices have harsh throat hits that make the fluid hard to vape. This vape hit the throat on different hands, is unobtrusive and you won't hack or stifle after an enormous vape hit. Try this vape juice now.

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