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Aqua Fresh Salts Drops eJuice

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Get ready to taste the rainbow with Drops (Formerly Aqua Rainbow Drops) by Aqua Fresh Salts. This vape juice is mind-blowing. It is a sucker punch of flavor. If you want to each cycle of breathing must bring yourself to the new world of Rainbow Drops. It is filled with all your favorite childhood rainbow candy with the ultimate combination of candied oranges, green apple, grapes, and lemons.

Tantalize your taste buds with the delicious balance of candied strawberry, lemon, grapes, oranges, green apple and the fruit you love from your childhood. As you breathe in, the tart and sweet kind of grape overpower your taste buds, prepare your palates for the flavor over-burden that is coming to their direction. The sweet kind of strawberry vape juice participates with the grape enhance giving it a sweet berry enhance. At that point, tart green apples, and the citrus kind of lemons making your lips pucker with the sharp flavor they make. As you breathe out, the sweet kind of oranges sooth the craze your taste buds are in leaving them quiet and prepared for your next puff. Aqua salts bring you scrumptious kinds of fruity goodness from their unique image Aqua.