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Aqua Fresh Salts Swell eJuice

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Swell (Formerly Sour Melon) by Aqua Fresh Salt is a delightful nicotine salt version of the watermelon sweet mixing together fragrant notes of sweetened watermelons and incredible nicotine salts that will confuse the taste buds and strengthen the psyche, body, and soul.

Swell Salt eJuice by Aqua Fresh

Brand: Aqua Fresh Bottle Size: 30ml Flavor Type: Candy

Sour melon is an ideal mix of delicious, sweet, and sour straight from the watermelon slices. With simply the appropriate measure of sweet to amaze your taste buds and light up your day.

Swell by Aqua Fresh Salt conveys a scrumptious deviation from the first Aqua line. Presently rather than the crisp kind of succulent natural products, presently you can have the best of both the sweet and sour world. Devour a crisp and tasty cut of summer watermelon, cut into fat wedges and set with a royal flair to cool and invigorate your dry taste buds. These crisp organic products are repetitively plunged into a sugar-coated syrup and dried until they are a chewy sweet dessert. However, similarly as you figured things couldn't beat that, a surprising turn goes along: each fat melon cut gets came in a sharp sugar to convey a surge of sour goodness in each puff. Devour sun-kissed summer melons soaked in bunches of sharp sugar for a surge of sweet and sour agreement.