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Aqua Menthol 4 Pack eJuice Bundle

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Aqua Ice is now Aqua Menthol! Aqua is going through a rebrand. You might get some bottles and boxes with the alternative design as we go through our stock of Aqua products. The label design has changed but the flavor recipe remains unchanged. 

Aqua Ice 4 Pack is a delightful combo of every single top of the line vape juice. It includes the Flow, Mist, Oasis and Pure e-juices for delivering an icy pile of frozen fruit juices for a minty fresh experience.

4 Pack eJuice Bundle by Aqua Menthol

4 Pack by Aqua Menthol is a complete palette of fruit salads and cocktails. Aqua Menthol Flow creates a rush of mango-pineapple with a back kick of guava. Stripped and sliced juicy sun-ripened mangoes are mixed with sliced, chopped thick chunks of pineapples bursting with sharp sweet flavors, which is then complemented by the cane sugar dipped exotic guavas for a delectable mouth-watering cocktail vape. An icy mix of kiwis, green apples and peach is sprinkled by Aqua Menthol Mist. Each of these fruits has a strong flavor and taste but when put together the result is a unique blend of clouds, something like you’ve never tasted before.

Aqua Menthol Oasis is like a pit stop filled with peaches and Caribbean fusion of papaya and cantaloupe in the race of life. In the desert of inferior fruit flavors, this e-liquid justifies its name and proves to be an ideal oasis that helps you rejuvenate for your journey onwards. Aqua Menthol Pure is an exceptional blend of strawberries completed with watermelons and apples in supporting note. Get ready for a vaping experience that is a refreshing experience in its purest form. Enjoy an avalanche of fruity flavors in each puff with Aqua Ice’s 4 pack featuring the top of the line vapes in one delicious price.