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Aqua Menthol Oasis eJuice

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Aqua Ice Oasis Ejuice delivers sweet and frozen fruits pressed into vape juice form to create one seriously flavor loaded and refreshing vape juice. Enjoy an icy blend of flash-frozen peaches straight from Georgia, icy cantaloupes plucked from a frozen melon patch, and frozen papayas imported straight from Colombia. Feast on a frozen tropical fruit masterpiece with every puff of this delicious fruit and menthol vape juice! 

Oasis eJuice by Aqua Menthol

Brand: Aqua Menthol Bottle Size: 60ml Flavor Type: Menthol

Oasis Ejuice by Aqua Ice presents a holy trinity of flavors, featuring frozen peach, chilled cantaloupe, and icy papaya. Feast on a flash-frozen winter peach, bursting with chilled fruit flavor in every puff. As you sink your teeth into the chilly fruit that made Georgia famous, cold sweet juice runs down your chin in icy rivulets, making a delicious mess that your vape taste buds won't be able to get enough of. Lavish your taste buds with chilled cantaloupe, split down the middle to reveal the cold ripe flesh within. These frosty cantaloupe wedges are sprinkled with a pinch of sea salt for the perfect rush of cold and sweet flavor. And finally, lose yourself in the sweetness of a dark and icy papaya half.

This final frosty addition of frozen papaya gives an icy hit of subtle sweetness that is simply bursting with arctic fruit flavor! Papaya is a seriously underrated flavor that brings out the richness of the other fruit flavors and delivers a full-bodied flavor in both the inhale and the exhale. Each of these flavors come together in an arctic wasteland of inferior fruit flavors to deliver the snowy oasis that your vape taste buds have been searching for. Lose yourself in the frosty whirlwind of frozen fruit-filled vape juice, bursting with icy peaches, frozen cantaloupe, and chilled pineapple in every cloud, thanks to Oasis Ejuice by Aqua Ice!