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Aqua Original Salts Mist eJuice

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Mist ejuice by Aqua Original Salt is a triple Yahtzee of flavors that balances the crispy green apples with soft Georgian peaches and sour green kiwis. This is the best thirst-quenching fruity treat for those summer days.

Mist Salt by Aqua Eliquid

Brand: Aqua Eliquid Bottle Size: 30ml Flavor Type: Fruit

Aqua Original Salt presents Mist, a trifecta of delectable fruity balance between shiny green apples, soft fuzzy peaches, and juicy green kiwis. Each of these fruits has a strong flavor and taste but when put together the result is a unique blend of clouds, something like you’ve never tasted before. Imagine biting a chunk of Sweet Granny Smith apples while its juice dribbles down your chin and brings in a flood of nectar with each bite. Then you come across a vast path of fuzzy peaches in an orchard waiting to be plucked and enjoyed.

Next, the emerald green kiwis are peeled and sliced to be feasted upon. Imagine all this to be yours in the form of a delightful e-liquid. With the first inhale the sour apple kicks in a crispy coat that compliments the peach-kiwi notes. Upon exhale, the peach pops out for a surprising finish. Separately these fruits are known for their irresistible flavors but when blended together, they form an e-juice of epic proportions.