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Aqua Original Salts Oasis eJuice

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Oasis by Aqua Original Salt is a refreshing mix of peach, papaya and cantaloupe notched up with nicotine salts. Every puff bursts with a refreshing blend of Georgian peaches, lush cantaloupe, and sultry papaya.  

Oasis Salt by Aqua Eliquid

Brand: Aqua Eliquid Bottle Size: 30ml Flavor Type: Fruit

Aqua Original Salt’s Oasis takes the holy trinity of soft peaches, juicy papayas, and ripe cantaloupe to the next level with the addition of nicotine salts. Munch on perfectly ripened peaches bursting with fruity flavors creating a delicious mess of sweet and sticky juice for a divine experience. The deep, ripe flesh of the cantaloupe is bound to lavish your taste buds which are then greeted with the sweetness of dark and pulpy papaya. Each inhales is a peach headline with papaya adding richness to the flavor.

Upon exhale, the tropical hit is rounded out by the profound taste of cantaloupe. This e-liquid offers an out of the world experience that you cannot have with other e-juices. In the desert of inferior fruit flavors, this e-liquid justifies its name and proves to be an ideal oasis that helps you rejuvenate for your journey onward.