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Beetle Juice Vapors 4 Pack Bundle

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Beetle Juice 4 Pack features a lifetime deal, offering warm and freshly baked desserts, ripe and juicy fruits, and all in one bundle of sugar chewy candy! Benefit from this sweet deal and puff on sweets, desserts and fruits as long as your taste buds desire! In the true fashion of Beetlejuice, "Let's turn on the juice and see what's loose!"

4 Pack eJuice Bundle by Beetle Juice

This Beetle Juice has 4 flavors that can definitely make you switch into vaping. We've got Beetle Juice Blueberry Hills first. Feast on a warm buttery strudel of blueberry, freshly baked and ready for your hungry taste buds to eat! Large bushels of freshly picked wild blueberries are cooked at low heat and mixed with sugar to create a sweet and sweet blueberry jam! A delicious eliquid flavor dessert. Featuring a warm, crispy, golden brown strudel filed with a delicious blueberry jam, this vape juice will take you throughout the day.

Next, we got Beetle Juice Riddler. We had to collect as many wild berries as we could, starting with the sunken strawberries in the poppy fields, hidden in the dark forest to sultry blackberries. Lush raspberries nestled shyly in backyard brambles also join in on the fun, and finally, gathered plump blueberries in the summer sun's heat complete our mixed berry mix. An explosion of flavors of juicy fruit ready to burst into delicious vapor clouds. A delicious mixture of green apples, juicy pear and a plethora of mixed berries, all combined to make a juice packed perfect for any time of day.

Third, we have sunken strawberries from Beetle Juice Rio. Sweet offer the summer's paradise flavor in every bite and deliver the berry bliss juicy flavor in every cloud. A tropical melting of strawberries, pineapples and watermelons that you'll think you're in a tropical paradise.

And finally, we have Beetle Juice Southern Orchard. As the name suggests, this flavor features sweet and juicy peaches from Georgia swirled into a chewy gummy candy! A mouthwatering candy vape juice to keep you salivating for more. The classic taste of peach gummy candy covered in sugar crystals creates a sweet and tangy vape experience that is perfect for any lover of fruit candy eliquid flavor. Try some Beetle Juice Vapors juice today and start with a Beetle Juice Mantra on your vapor path! Get 4 of these flavors of vape juice in today's pack steal!