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Beetle Juice Vapors Riddler eJuice

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Riddler by Beetle Juice is an explosion of juicy flavors of fruit ready to burst into delicious clouds of vapor. A delicious blend of green apples, juicy pear and a plethora of mixed berries combine to make a juice packed with flavor, perfect for any time of the day.

Riddler eJuice by Beetle Juice Vapors

Brand: Beetle Juice Vapors | Size: 100ml | Flavor: Fruit

What's full of sweet berries, juicy pears, tangy green apples? You've guessed it! Beetle Juice Vapors ' Riddler comes stuffed with three different types of fruits, perfect for all of us fruit lovers! First of all, we had to collect as many wild berries as we could to sultry blackberries hidden in the dark forest, starting with the sunken strawberries in the poppy fields. Lush raspberries shyly nestled in backyard brambles also join in the fun, and finally plump blueberries gathered in the summer sun complete our mixed berry mix. And yet, from this fruit-flavored e-liquid, something is missing... juicy pears!

These soft and grainy pears offer a juicy refreshment that in sticky sweet pear juice rivers you can almost feel dribble down your chin. Last but not least, we have tangy green apples in our fruit cornucopia, picked in the cooling breeze of the fall season of October. These crisp and tart apples offer a sweet and refreshing taste kick with the slightest hint of sweetness mixed in to balance the sweetness! These flavors come together to form a lush aroma of fruit bliss, offering pear, apple and mixed beer clouds in every puff, so be sure to thank Beetle Juice for The Riddler.