Beetle Juice Vapors Southern Orchard


Beetle Juice's Southern Orchard is a mouthwatering candy peach vapor juice that keeps you salivating for more. The classic taste of peach gummy candy covered in sugar crystals creates a sweet and tangy vape experience that is perfect for any lover of fruit candy eliquid flavor.

This flavor features, as the name suggests, sweet and juicy Georgia peaches swirled into a chewy gummy sweet! This fresh fruit's heaping barrels were collected from the lush Southern orchards, each fruit giving off the summer sun's warm and comforting scent. They carefully peeled and pitted these lush fruits, ensuring nothing was wasted! The peeled peaches were then broken into a thick and sweet peach compote, ready to be added to a sticky chewy candy vat! Slowly the peach juice and sticky candy mixed together to form a thick gummy candy that is poured into ring-shaped molds and set for overnight cooling.

Each peach ring is rolled in a mound of pure cane sugar to ensure that every rubbery candy is thoroughly covered in delicious sweetness! Take a ride down the sweet river, safely drift into your gummy life raft of peach! With the best of both worlds, this flavor combines fresh and juicy fruits with sweet and sucrose candy! With this mouthwatering flavor called Southern Orchard by Beetle Juice Vapors, take your sugar cravings to new heights.

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