BLVK Unicorn WYTE 3 Pack Bundle


BVLK Unicorn 3 Pack White is a delicious e-liquid collection that will impress most vapers.

You are bound to crazy when you vape UniNuts. This e-liquid offers a vanilla bean frozen yogurt e-juice with a nutty inside. UniCoco offers a mix of tropical coconuts and pears. While UniCake is a light cake e-juice with a blueberry.

All the flavors in the BLVK Unicorn 3 pack will surely appeal to most vapers across the world. This e-liquid collection is produced with premium ingredients that will make the mouth water. UniNuts is a delicious e-liquid that blends scoops of vanilla bean and frozen yogurt. The flavor of vanilla is incorporated in both the inhale and exhale. The smooth vanilla never gets artificial. If you like e-juice blends that contain vanilla then, you will appreciate UniNuts. UniCoco is another e-liquid that blend the flavor of ripe juicy pear slices.

You can also taste milky coconuts when you vape this e-liquid. The pears include only a dash of tart flavor as opposed to the sweetness of the coconut. The pear flavor is alive on the inhale. And when you exhale, it is the taste of the coconut flavor that comes alive.  UniCake is a delectable blueberry sugary cake that is sweet and flowing. The delectable blueberry tastes awesome and organic. This e-liquid does not taste like it contains any chemical flavors. Vapers who enjoy cake flavored e-liquids will undoubtedly enjoy UniCake.

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