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Burst Blizzard Mango-Brrrst eJuice

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Mango-Brrrst is the latest e-liquid in the Burst Blizzard series. It has a tropical flavor and a touch of menthol which makes it perfect for the summer season. 

Mango-Brrrst eJuice by Burst Blizzard

Brand: Burst Blizzard | Size: 60ml | Flavor: Menthol

Mango-Brrrst by Burst Blizzard is combination of ripe mangoes, taffy candy and rich menthol flavor. Imagine licking a taffy candy while sipping on a mango juice with ice cubes. That's exactly what it tastes like when vaping Mango-Brrrst. It does not taste artificial like other mango candies. The mango flavor is authentic. You can chain vape on it without getting sick of how it tastes. Vaping this e-liquid will make it feel as though you are on a summer vacation. When puffing on Mango-Brrrst by Burst Blizzard, you get the delightful taste of ripe mango on the inhale with hints of taffy candy. On the exhale, the taste remains the same, but you can taste the menthol flavor.