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Charlies Chalk Dust Black Ice eJuice

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Black Ice Ejuice by Charlie's Chalk Dust White highlights a cold surge of chilled blackberries and frosty cucumbers put together in a reviving rush of winter! Appreciate a smooth and calming haze of flavor united with flawless pair of blackberry and icy cucumber!

An impact of frozen berries with crisp cuts of icy cucumbers makes this an e-liquid that you basically should try. First up in this wild menthol flavor is frigid blackberry. These berries were rapidly culled in the dead of winter, with a dull and instigating flavor implanted into each bunch. The genuine kind of the night achieves a cloudy hand through the fog and presses the frosty berry juice from each berry to show a cold and computing blackberry-enhanced ice! Next, we have frigid cucumber to bring a truly necessary equalization to the pungency of the berry. Cool and reviving cucumber brings a quieting breeze all through the flavor, offering a light in the corner of this frosty flavor. Sweet and solidified blueberries blended with fleshy cold cucumber makes the season a genuinely remarkable e-fluid that no vaper ought to ever be without.