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Charlies Chalk Dust CCD3 eJuice

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CCD3 by Charlie's Chalk Dust white presents a rich mashup of creamy topped with rich and smooth caramel and sprinkled with Himalayan pink ocean salt for a delicious dessert that will have your taste buds shouting for additional!

This delightful flavor includes the third dessert most loved in the sugary solidified pastries class that Charlie's is simply so darn gifted at making! In this flavor, sweet rich hills of naturally agitated frozen yogurt are set before your taste buds, planning to get an opportunity to change into sweet puffy mists. In any case, it is not simply ice cream you ought to bounce for joy in this flavor, rich patches of caramel are dissolved down and showered all over this scrumptious ice cream, and as a finishing touch by the lump of Himalayan pink ocean salt are ground up and sprinkled on this delectable pastry. In an infuriating battle for a spot in your vape tank, CCD3 guarantees to fill the air with fragrant rich mists that fill your vape palette. Treat your taste buds to the rich and smooth sweet of creamy and healthy ice cream, melted caramel, and the trace of appetizing ocean salt!