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Charlies Chalk Dust Head Bangin Boogie eJuice

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Head Bangin' Boogie by Charles Chalk Dust is a fun reminder of your favorite blueberry popsicles. We love this delightful flavor, and soon you will too!

Head-Bangin' Boogie by Charlie's Chalk Dust presents the flavor that is reminiscent of a bomb pop Popsicle. Taste the new fruity and smooth blueberry icy treat! Comprising of a frozen blueberry Popsicle Head Banging Boogie will fulfill your taste buds while giving a fresh and clean vaping experience. When you inhale a sweet blueberry sensation will flood your tongue and stimulate your taste receptors. Tarty notes from blueberries will give a fun kick to your regular vape. Amid breath out is the place the richness of the Popsicle will rise and give a smooth and rich experience. This flavor is ideal for any vape aficionado hoping to add an invigorating kick to their day while keeping up a velvety and smooth completion. With these vape juices you will never have a dull vaping moment as they give you such a magnificent influx of flavors. With the ideal parity of tang and sweet, when you get your hands on it you won't have any desire to put it down. Charlie's Chalk Dust will make them leave that chalk plot in the residue.