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Charlies Chalk Dust Jam Rock eJuice

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Jam Rock Ejuice by Charlie's Chalk Dust Black highlights a fruity kind of cut Granny Smith Apple mixed with pop shakes! With only a hint of sour and snapping of sweet flavor, you can have your treat and your organic product in a similar cloud. Set your mists ablaze with poppin' shake enhance in each puff!

Jam Rock by Charlies Chalk Dust Black is a mouth-watering sour green apple flavor. In case you're searching for a sweet and sour e-fluid that nearly appears to snap and pop in your mouth, you must look at this pop shakes e-fluid seasoned with crispy sour green apples! Meander through a cool fall plantation, the aroma of fresh green apples overwhelming noticeable all around. Light channels through the leaves and a quieting breeze unsettle your hair. These sweet and tart apples are softly culled from their branches and sent off to satisfy a more prominent reason: poppin' and rockin' green apple treat! When you inhale, your taste bud will fill with the flavor of sour apple, trailed by a treat sweetness breathe out that adds the ideal parity to this treat vape experience.