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Charlies Chalk Dust Wonder Worm eJuice

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Charlies Chalk Dust White - Wonder Worm is the ideal mix of candy worms slithering through this sweet and sour ejuice that will have your taste buds demand for more! Fruity and sweet gummy candy rolled in sour sugar crystals is just the thing to satisfy your palettes.

Sweet and sour go together like worms and soil, which is the reason this luscious flavor chose to pack huge amounts of scrumptious sweet and sour sticky worms into a solitary flavor! The sticky worms burrow through hills of sweet tarts, offering an amazing trail of sweet and sour delightfulness. What you grasp has been the result of long periods of cautious assembling the sludge of the Wonder Worm. While we can't ensure your mists will shine in obscurity, we can ensure that this flavor remains over the rest regarding flavor, cloud, and strength!

In an amazing fight for a spot in your vape tank, Wonder Worm guarantees to fill the air with fragrant treat mists that both enjoy the nostrils and your vape palette. Sweet and chewy sticky worms wriggle through your mists and present a scrumptious flavor that fulfills your requirement for something sweet.