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Glazed Donut by Cheap eJuice comes in a 60ml bottle and is a donut flavored e-juice that is not only creamy and filled with custard but also tastes like it's fresh from your local donut shop.

Bottle Size: 60ml

Flavor Type: Dessert Flavored eJuice

Glazed Donut by Cheap E-Juice is a warm buttery e-liquid available only when the Hot Donuts sign is on! Enjoy a hot, freshly glazed donut, soft enough to pull your fingers apart and moist enough to make your eyes roll back with happiness in your head!

Prepare to sink your teeth into a soft, warm donut, pulled freshly from the oven and glazed with a hot gooey glaze of sugar. First, on a greased cookie sheet a thick and sticky donut batter is spooned and flattened into thick cake circles. From the middle of the donuts, a hole is scooped, and the baking sheet whisked into the oven. They are removed from the oven as the donuts rise and brown delicately and set to cool. The hot donuts are poured over a sweet and sticky waterfall of sugar glaze, allowing the pull-apart treatments to melt the glaze into a shiny, mouthwatering dessert!

Enjoy this sinfully sweet e-liquid featuring in every cloud a soft and sugar donut! This delightfully sticky treatment of flavored ejuice promises to soothe the cravings of burning sugar that your taste buds were crying for. The sign of Hot Donut will always be inside your tank and you'll need a cool glass of milk to wash this delicious flavor down! Donut shops across the country, watch out! Feast on a plate of freshly baked donuts glistening with sugar glaze and promising to knock your taste buds with sweet and delicious donut-scented clouds next week!

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